Football Combine Prep Training


"Prepare -4-War" 

Whether you are preparing for a High School Combine or a College/ Professional Pro Day we can ensure you maximize your performance. Our HS Combine Prep Program is the only training program in the DC Metro Area Endorsed by the SPARQ/Nike Football Combines.
Our training staff has served as the regional testers for
the National HS Combines, which are responsible for evaluating
potential college football players and the NFL Regional Combines,
which are responsible for evaluating potential professional football players. 
Our comprehensive combine training program addresses the 10, 20 & 40 yard dash, Pro-Agility Shuttle, L-Drill, Bench Press, Broad & Vertical Jump Power Ball Toss
(standard events in the NFL Combine and SPARQ Combines).

Please note that vertical jump testing/training is done with a Just Jump Mat (SPARQ Testing) and the standard Vertec apparatus (Pro Combines).

This program is very intense and aggressive and will maximize your combine performance!

Our Combine Prep Program Will:

·         Improve Linear Acceleration Skills for Break Away Speed and Decreased 40 Yd Dash Times
·         Improve Change of Direction Skills for Elusive Agility and Decreased Pro Agility & L-Drill Times
·         Develop Explosive Power to maximize the Vertical Jump & Broad Jump Tests
·         Increase Strength for Power Ball & Bench Press Tests 

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2015 HS Combine Prep Camp Schedule & Location

(Maximum of 15 players admitted per camp)

Performance Center
4980 Boiling Brook Pkwy.
Rockville MD 20852
Group (3+)
Drop In


** For small group registration, please contact 
To Create an
Online Account & Register Please
( NO make-up workouts are allowed and there will be NO refunds.)
Participants should bring running shoes, turf cleats and their own water.
All Athletes must Complete a PAR-Q to Register Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire 

E.A.T.S. is a Member of the Nike SPARQ Trainers Network and can provide
SPARQ Testing and Training for you and your team!



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